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One of the best apps for Middle grades science - *****

by RedStateBluebird - Version 1.0 - Jan 1, 2012

I found this recommended on the MindShift blog and am delighted with it. I burst into laughter when I achieved zero gravity with the Effects of Altitude activity. Can't wait to get back to school and let my students loose with this one. It's a great visualization of concepts we can't effectively model in the classroom without digital help.

Exploriments : Feedback - *****

by Umesh Z - Version 1.0 - Dec 5, 2011

This seems to be a fantastic application for the learners to come out of their labs and make their imagination work realistic to understand the theories.

You have been enjoying our simulation-based interactive learning units on the Exploriments Portal. We are sure Exploriments have helped you take Science teaching and learning to the next level. We now invite you to experience the new and enhanced interactive, and engaging Exploriments on your iPad.

You can now explore and enjoy our series of interactive learning simulations while on-the-go! The interactive and visual experience offered by Exploriments is now further enhanced by the intuitive touch-n-move experience of the iPad. Be the first to try our following Exploriments iPad apps, in Motion, Fluids, Electrostatics, Electricity, Force and Light

Exploriments are simulation-based interactive learning units for enhancing conceptual understanding in Science and Math in an experiential manner. Designed to be equally effective as learning as well as teaching aids, Exploriments provide a highly interactive, exploratory, and engaging experience.

What makes Exploriments a unique way to learn?

Learning by Doing Approach

Based on the constructivist learning theory, Exploriments encourage the learners to actively participate in the learning process, instead of being passive recipients. Exploriments use an inquiry-based approach that helps gain insights and facilitate understanding of complex and abstract concepts.
Sensitive Environments & Responsive Objects

Many of the Exploriments feature objects, devices and instruments, which are highly responsive to environmental properties such as gravity, temperature, pressure, etc. This approach provides rich learning opportunities by experimenting under different conditions, such as a space-lab on Jupiter or a submarine lab at Mariana Trench.
Unusual & Imaginary Devices

Exploriments have many unusual devices and situations to teach difficult concepts. For example, use an imaginary Force Meter to measure forces between charges or use the Charge Chamber to teach Coulomb’s Law. Exploriments being virtual, allow near impossible to purely hypothetical situations, events and devices, providing for an insightful learning experience.
Boundary Effects & Breakdown

Learn by stretching limits and even breaking things, at times. Designed to challenge commonly held beliefs and presuppositions, Exploriments help learners understand not only why something works, but also why a system will not work or simply break down. For example, glass, a well known insulator of electricity will start conducting if heated sufficiently. A material may withstand huge force in one direction, but may easily break by a small force in some other direction.